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You Can’t Beat the Heat, So Join It: 5 Tips on How to Make Your Summer Sizzle In The Bedroom

Anyone who has taken a step outside the last month can attest that it is hot out there. And summer isn’t over yet. Instead of battling the heat, turn it up and make your summer even hotter with these 5 fun tips:

1. Make out session at the drive in. The late 50’s to early 60’s saw the peak of the drive in theatre with youth galore making out in the front or back seat, while trying to cop-a-feel. Go back to the good ole days by heading out to Hockley, Texas for a fun twist on date night. Plus when was the last time you and your partner really mugged down?

2. Skinny dipping. If you have a pool in your back yard, no summer is complete without the prerequisite skinny dip. It’s a fun and exciting way to get a little frisky and you can challenge yourselves to see if you can get that water to boil. If you don’t have a pool, taking a cool shower together is a playful alternative.

3. Food play. Turn your body into a buffet table laden with cold grapes, watermelon, strawberries and other fruits. Add chilled whip cream or chocolate syrup and let your partner kiss and lick their way up and down your body. Remember to keep all food products out of your vagina or anus. Keep a wet washcloth handy to clean off the penis before inserting into either of these orifices; your mouth is not enough to do the job.

4. Oil cubes. Fill an ice tray with coconut or olive oil and let it freeze. Next time you and your partner are having a rub down, bring out the frozen oil cubes and let your body heat melt them into a slick, hot and steamy body massage. Baby oil and most massage oils can be used this way, as well.

5. Create your own “art de sexitime”. Get a canvas and some body paint, take turn brushing and rubbing the paint on one another and then have fun on the canvas for a work of art that will remind you of your fantastic night together. For a little added excitement, put the paint in the refrigerator for a few hours to create a tantalizing effect while painting. Be sure to use actual body paint that can be found online or in many adult shops and once again, unless otherwise noted on the packaging, keep the paint out of the vagina and anus.

Most importantly is to have fun while steaming up your sexy, summer nights and days!

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