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Sex Based On Days Of The Week

Looking to spice things up? How about experimenting with positions based on the day of the week you are having sex:

Missionary Mondays- While most think of this as simple and vanilla, you can change things up by using pillows to lift up the hips, use rope play to tie up hands and feet, or throw a leg or two over your partner’s


Tonguing Tuesdays- Use Tuesdays to play with your tongues more! This can include the ever famous 69 position, use flavored syrups or other food to lick and explore your partner’s body. Just be sure not to put any food products directly in the vaginal or penile opening.

Woman on Top Wednesdays- Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl are great options!! Experiment with movement and sensory deprivation.

Trinket Thursdays- Bust out those toys on Trinket Thursdays and have fun titillating your partner’s body!! Use feathers, dildos, vibrators, whatever your heart desires!

Fanny Fridays- Make Friday a good day to have some anal exploration. You can use Fridays to learn how to give your partner a prostate massage, look into pegging, or even a small toy or finger slipped in occasionally. Just remember, if this is your first time, go slow and use lubrication, not spit!

Stand up Saturdays- Press against the wall, in the shower, on the table or even leaning over the couch. Use a sturdy stool to make up for some height differential.

Spooning Sundays- Sundays are all about relaxation and the spooning position is a great one to help keep things relaxed, slow, gentle and sweet.

The list above only includes a few suggestions, let your imagination run wild and come up with your own deviation to have fun with your partner!!

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