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Keeping Sex Enjoyable While Trying To Conceive

With Spring’s arrival, comes the birth of hundreds of baby animals and perhaps you and your partner have been considering starting a “litter” of your own. So now ovulation is being checked constantly and sex has become methodical, clinical, and even boring. More so, sex has become difficult, orgasms less frequent, or difficulties achieving erections. While trying to conceive, it is easy for one or both partners to become stressed, frustrated, worried or even angry. Arousal levels may even drop even as the desire to conceive increases. So how does a couple keep sex fresh while working towards having a beautiful bundle of joy of their own?

Add variety into the sexual repertoire: Change location, positions, or time, having sex in the morning instead of the night time. Play a sexy game, get dressed up, or massage each other as a means to heat up. Utilize tools, such as vibrators, handcuffs, or sexy smelling candles to name a few, as necessary or desired.

Having sex in between fertile days: Some state that it is best to not have sex in between fertile periods as this will help increase sexual tension and increase desire during fertile days. Others state that it is best to have sex in between fertility days as this helps to decrease the pressure one might feel and keep sexual connection strong. Either may work, couples can try out both to decide what works best for them.

Decrease stress and anxiety: It is well known that stress plays a big role on sexual health and anxiety plays a huge role on performance issues, as well as, ability to conceive. Be sure to include some daily and weekly stress reducing activities into your schedule. Do breathing exercises throughout the day,taking bath, work out, get a pedicure, take turns massaging each other as part of stress reducing exercises, as well as, sensuality exercises. Talk to a doctor about medications or herbal supplements that will help decrease stress and anxiety without decreasing sex drive and arousal.

Keep emotional intimacy strong: While stress and anxiety often increase while trying to conceive, it is important to keep talking to one another, spending quality time with one another, flirting with each other and enjoying one another’s company.

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