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Breasts vs Buttocks

Dear Jen,

Why are some guys butt guys and other guys breast men?


Just Curious

Dear Just Curious,

Well, there is a fun theory that postulates all men are technically butt men. What it goes on to state is that before man began to walk more upright, we had sex from behind like other mammals and the female derriere was seen as an enticement while breasts were not as round and pronounced. As we began to walk more upright, females stopped holding their butts as high and the female breast got rounder and larger and, especially, when pushed together mimics the buttocks. However, this is just one theory and may not necessarily hold water in today’s world.

So why do some men like breasts and others butts? The answer has more to do with erotic mapping and what begins to turn us on at a younger age. There are also many men who are into hips or thighs or eyes, but there does seem to be a larger debate on butt vs breast. What we begin to be aroused by starts in adolescence. Sometimes it’s learned; i.e. dad liked breasts and made comments so that became more present in a young boys life. Sometimes its what we have access to; i.e. early porn viewing of anal sex might lead to being a butt man. Finally, there is the theory that men are often subconsciously attracted to women that appear to be fertile, which the buttocks and breasts have long been thought to be indicators of health and fertility. Whatever, the reason, I say don’t be ashamed of what you love and cherish your partner’s body for all the goodies it provides!!



*Disclaimer: this is not meant to act as or replace therapy in any way. Questions sent in may be edited for de-identification purposes, length, and/or grammatic coherency.

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